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Unofficial site of Temnikov

Temnikov - the oldest city of Mordovia. It is based, as stated on the entry road signs, in 1536. Modest, yet poetic nature of the middle zone of Russia surrounded Temnikov variety of landscapes. Here bory and pine mixed with deciduous woods, and porosshy Oreshnikov hill called Bork, and primokshanskaya floodplain of lakes, surrounded by small bushes, cane and perfumed raznotravem.

To the west of the city, beyond the Moksha, seen the hills on the crest of which can be seen poluobvalivshiesya and overgrown trenches. More precisely ascertained, when and for what purpose they were built. Maybe this is the border line of the Moscow State defense may have a place of battles and razinskih Pugachevsky orders from the king's troops.

In the north-west of Temnikova, against the backdrop of the forest, clearly emerges Sanaksarsky monastery - an architectural monument of the XVIII century. East, two kilometers from the city, on a steep hill is the oldest Ityakovskoe castle - a place of interesting archeological excavations. It overlooks the spacious meadows and groves.

When Temnikova go from the north-east, one can not help slow the move to enjoy the legendary lake Endovische, as far on the horizon you will see cover bluish haze of state forest preserve them Smidovich. South Temnikova painted ship Emashevskaya pine grove, the traditional place of public holidays townspeople.

Not surprisingly, the temnikovskie place in the summer attract many school trips, tourists. Night at the bright fire in the mysterious twilight, one can often hear talk of the local province.

We begin our story and we are on Temnikova remembering that in every city, be it large or small, its unique appearance, its place in the homeland. Temnikova history is inseparable from his extensive once the county.

Therefore, getting to know the last city to be told and the county: the events held here, the economy, education, culture and life, the wonderful people who were born here or there.Visit places of interest of its nature, as well as archaeological, historical and architectural relations. Learn more about modern Temnikov, residents of the city and the region, differences in labor and pointeresuemsya prospects for the future.

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